Who Savannah Underworld?

Blue Savannah Underworld is an alien rock, out of body experience. The Brisbane based quintet consists of Bruno Lordao, Elliot Randall, Sam Power, Jordan Vasiliou and Llama Sims. These guys have an all inclusive stage presence that is bound to get any audience member on their feet groovin or down on their knees (if asked).

The band’s second EP “II” brings with it a very organised brand of chaos, slipping and sliding through its four tracks, which includes a cover of Shocking Blue’s “Venus”.
Blue Savannah Underworld (BSU) refuse to be put in a box and will continue to be inspired and create music void of fear of misinterpretation, as it’s up to the listener to decide how it makes them feel. It’s raw, unpredictable and unlike anything else today.

Over their 4 year career together the group has thrived in densely crowded dive bars face to face with their audience and revelled in the opportunity to play to larger crowds at The Triffid & Burleigh Bazaar. BSU has shared the stage with a variety of talented groups and individuals, a highlight for the group was opening for British India at Solbar on the Sunshine Coast.

BSU are currently performing their unreleased album to eager audiences throughout south east Queensland and look to tour said album upon its release in Q4 of 2022.