The 4-track, This Is A Threat is the first unified collection of songs from the band that explores the importance of remaining open to impressions within an architecture of psych-rock; “It was about personal growth and being in awe of the world around you. Kinda looking at the world without any classification and dissolving boundaries” - Nick Crameri


Hum article - June 2020

The BSU crew sat down with Nick Crameri of Hum to express what this journey means to them

The movement into more calculated arrangements means the 5-piece have also re-interpreted their live presence on stage. Randall describes the liberation of being free to play up to the punters; “I think when we first started, it was more just about the music. When I’m improvising, I’m usually lost in my own head but now there’s more audience interaction”. Lordao similarly sounds rejuvenated by the shared balance of responsibility; “I remember when I was onstage I’d just go really hard and that took a lot of angry energy and tension. Now we still have the energy, but I think we’ve calmed down in the sense that we focus on being as good as we can be”

Shoot and Article from The Stew Magazine 2021

We wrangled our way to get the killer crew from Blue Savannah Underworld on the line-up and god damn were we blessed to have these legends not only play at our venue, now be a part of Bearded Dragon crew forever....They were my personal hands down favourite band to liase with during our 12 week programme and my staff & patrons at the venue couldn't speak more highly of them not only as musicians, but generally just great human beings.” - Jayme

— Marketing and Duty Manager of The Bearded Dragon Hotel

Sratch Chat interview - May 2021

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